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Hardie Grant – Tequila Made Me Do It


Forget the lemon, salt and gag worthy shots this enchantingly illustrated book that includes 60 tantalising tequila and mezcal cocktails will introduce you to the incredible world of agave-based cocktails, and showcase the true potential of spicy tequila and smoky mezcal.

From the classic margarita and its hibiscus, Cadillac, and tamarind brethren, to a wide range of smoky, citrusy, and delectable cocktails, such as the Oaxacan Dead and Levitation, the recipes in this book are fun to create – and even more fun to drink!

These 60 delicious cocktail recipes are illustrated with bright and beautiful original artwork by Ruby Taylor, in a book that makes a lovely gift for your friends – or yourself!

Teamed with Ruby, Cecilla Rios Murrieta, a Mexico City native author, and AKA La Nina del Mezcal, is recognized internationally for her achievements and expertise in Mexican spirits. Her passion for mezcal and tequila led her to establish one of the first blogs about the spirit. Cecilia was featured in Fortune’s “2016 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink.”

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