Exfoliating Glove – Three Warriors


The Exfoliating Glove is designed to prep you for a flawless tan every time. When used in a massage like motion, our exfoliating glove can work to reduce stretch marks, improve circulation, stimulate collagen and promote revitalised smooth, clear and soft skin.

Use: Dampen skin then wet the glove and place a small amount of Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub onto it. Using the glove, glide your hand in circular motions across the length of the body from head to toe. Scrub once a week or as often as you tan. Best used before or after tanning.


  • Promotes skin cell renewal
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Can help to reduces stretch marks
  • Remove unwanted fake-tan
  • Gently smooth away dead skin cells

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Prep and prime for a flawless tan every time.