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It’s September, if you can believe it! The month of Fathers Day, Spring has finally sprung, Summer stock starts to arrive in store so any left over Winter needs to go to make room. We start to hear the dreaded C word a bit more and lots of organised shoppers start or even finish their Christmas shopping (!!). You’ll start to see more gift wares hitting our site. Prezzies for him, her and little. If there is something you would love to see as part of the Nest Seven range we would love to hear about it! Enjoy our September blog xx

Product Spotlight

It’s no secret how much we love Society of Wanderers linen. Once you invest in this range and sleep on the linens you will understand why. 
Not only will these sheets transform your bedroom into a room you don’t want to stop looking at but there are many health benefits to the French flax linens that make up the Society of Wanderers range. 
1. Antibacterial 
100% French flax linen naturally works to repel dirt and suppress pathogenic bacteria and microflora that love to set up camp in between your sheets. Gross, but yay!
2. Super breathable 
If you were to look under a microscope, you would see that flax linen fibres are not as tightly woven as cotton and have a hollow core. What this means, is that there is higher air permeability and greater heat conductivity. It’s a natural temperature regulator, which means it keeps you warm in winter and breezy and cool in summer.
3. Stimulates blood flow 
Thanks to these teeny tiny breaks in the fabric, flax linen sheets are also understood to provide a light massaging effect on the skin and promote relaxation. Facial whilst you’re sleeping? I mean, why not!
4. Hypoallergenic 
100% organic linen sheets are extremely gentle on sensitive, problematic skin and ideal for those who may be susceptible to asthma and allergies. Linen is also anti-static and is known to help balance the skin’s natural pH.
5. Eco-friendly
The flax plant is able to grow and thrive without the excessive use of pesticides and irrigation, which means that overall, it requires less water and chemicals to be cultivated. As a result, the entire process that goes into making linen from flax is totally sustainable.
PLUS linen is known to only get better with time. Sigh. So dreamy. 

The Wensley Collection is dropping throughout September and October and with the Society of Wanderers range often selling out of their signature prints we have popped products up for pre-order here so you can secure your favs. We can’t wait to see what you choose!

Lifestyle news

What’s cooking?

Cooking for our friends and families is something we love to do and we often use our Thermomixes to do it.

Both Nest Seven ladies are also Thermomix consultants, yes we love our Thermies that much! You can check our Facebook pages where we share meal plans, tips and recipes for feeding our families and access to a co-op buying group for bulk wholefoods.

It’s soup weather, which we’re loving, and there isn’t a soup we love more than Quirky Cookings Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice Soup. This delicious flavour packed, nutritious soup is a great family meal. It’s nice and thick so for little ones who don’t like “soup” called it a casserole and they’ll gobble it up 😉 

Oil of the month

Peppermint Oil is our oil of the month this month and it’s versatility will show you why.

Peppermint oil can be added to any smoothie for a fresh taste. My fav is a healthy choc mint smoothie for breakfast or even as a dessert smoothie! Simply combine in Thermie or a blender:
1 cup of almond milk
1 handful of spinach or kale 
1/4 of an avo
A couple of dates for sweetness
1 taplespoon of cacao 
1 teaspoon of maca powder and
1 or 2 drops of peppermint oil. 

I hate spider sprays and refuse to buy them! They smell terrible! Instead keep ants and spiders out of your home by making a barrier of peppermint oil. Put some oil on a cotton ball and wipe around the areas they are entering your home such as doorways or windows. Or add 10-15 drops into a spray bottle and spray around these areas. A much better alternative.

Topically just one drop of peppermint oil rubbed onto the stomach (diluted with some coconut oil) or inhaled will help support feelings of indigestion or upset stomach. A great travel oil!

Lou Hammer, the founder and director of lifestyle management company, One Day P.A., is known as a walking, talking Siri

Lou launched One Day P.A. in 2016 as a passion project built from a desire to help every day people overcome overwhelm by helping them get on top of their never ending to-do lists. In a few short years One Day P.A. has grown to become Geelong’s leading lifestyle management company with hundreds of households and businesses turning to Lou and her team of experienced and dedicated Personal Assistants to manage the tasks on their to-do lists which they kept telling themselves they’ll get to “One Day”

Effectively acting as your extra pair of hands, the One Day P.A. team specialise in managing your time to allow you to focus on life’s priorities, with services ranging from mundane life admin tasks such as personal shopping, trade quotes, travel planning through to managing decluttering projects (including selling your unwanted goods), home relocations, and event planning; essentially if it’s legal Lou and her team will get it done saving you precious time and stress.

Nest Seven are teaming up with Lou from One Day P.A. in a Pop Up Sale Event which will feature both pre-loved designer bargains and brand new winter clearance specials. Open daily from Saturday 7th of September – Saturday 14th of September 9-2:30pm. We would love to see you there!

This months top sellers

Here’s a snapshot of what our customers loved in July.

Rollie Nation City T-Bar Safari

Jones and Co Adeline Face Vase

Modi Bodi Classic Bikini

Mr Kitly Self Watering Pot in Pond Blue

Cinema in style!

It’s become a little tradition for Robbie and his Dad to go on “Man Dates”. The Man Date is your traditional dinner and a movie type date and both guys cherish this time together. This month they saw a flick at The Pivotonian, our favourite cinema! If you have not been, do yourself a favour. They serve the beautiful Lethbridge Wines, the seats are spacious and comfortable and the staff are so lovely. Check session times here

Shop what’s on sale

From time to time some of our stock makes it’s way to the sale section of our website. Check out some of our specials below.

Elm Lifestyle Anthea Top Lilac

Kip & Co Electric Tartan Cotton Blanket

Kip & Co Marbling Pink Linen Robe

Rollie Nation Boots

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