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Oh dear. It is chilly! The first of our icy weather and days inside. We are schooling four little ones in our home so our time outside has been more important than ever! We are not looking forward to staying in!

The Lego has been out in full force and kids are in the kitchen cooking everyday too. Our Tiger Tribe sets have come in handy and I’m pretty sure we’ve watched about 5 seasons of Full House! What’s keeping you guys sane during this time?  

Product Spotlight

Indoor plants have never been more important than now, at a time when we are spending so much time inside.

We love having greenery inside. Not only does a plant inject life and colour into a space they also bring many healthy benefits with them too! 

Air purifying plants help filter toxins from the air we breathe inside. The most under rated place to have a plant – your laundry! We assure you, the right plant in your laundry can help absorb moisture from the air and prevent mould spores from growing. 

We carry a selection of quality plants supplied by Cactus Designs Indoor Plants. These are available to view via our Green Story Sale on our Insta Stories and highlights and collect from our Geelong based studio. 

After a specific plant, let us know! 


Lifestyle news

What’s cooking?

Cooking for our friends and families is something we love to do and we often use our Thermomixes to do it.

Both Nest Seven ladies are also Thermomix consultants, yes we love our Thermies that much! You can check our Facebook pages where we share meal plans, tips and recipes for feeding our families and access to a co-op buying group for bulk wholefoods.

Banana Bread is usually on high rotation in our house for lunch boxes and it’s on an even higher rotation now that we’re all home! We prefer to use extra ripe bananas and cut down on the sugar for this recipe. You can find this recipe on Cookidoo or in your Basic Cookbook.

Oil of the month

Oregano is one of the most potent and powerful essential oils and has been used for centuries in traditional practices, especially during cold seasons. 

To assist with a chest cold dilute a few drops with coconut oil and apply to the chest, spray on your vegetable patch as a natural insect repelent not to mention diffuses well with Lemon, Rosemary, Peppermint and Cypress Essential Oils.

Oregano is a popular cooking spice and Oregano essential oil is an ideal substitute in recipes. Just one drop in a pot of Spaghetti sauce. Yum. We promise. 


Blooms for days…

We were first introduced to Hayley’s business, The Bloom and Twiggery when a lovely customer of ours gifted us some of her gorgeousness. Hayley is a qualified florist who was taught was she calls ‘old school floristry’ as in she would have to hand over her arrangements and her teacher would hold them upside down and shake it!! It taught her that solid foundations was the key. 

When she studied accredited training, she learnt the elements and principals of design which is basically the ‘how to’ when arranging flowers to look good. She learnt all of the colour harmonies, all of the flower and foliage names and most importantly post-harvest care. All of these ingredients make for a confident florist. A florist who makes sure that when their client walks out the door, they are armed with all the knowledge they need to enjoy the product.  

We especially love Hayley’s arrangments in our Jones and Co face vases xx

This months top sellers

Here’s a snapshot of what our customers loved in January.

Lagoon Hip Story
Queen Elizabeth Puzzle


Pana Organic Chocolate Fig & Wild Orange


Way to Play Express Way
16 pieces


Sage & Clare
Tula Rudie Nudie Bathmat Tigre

What’s in the box?

Easter Sunday we treated our family to a box from 63 Degrees in Pako. The local family operating 63 Degrees made the challenging decision to keep their business operating for it’s staff and it’s customers. They have had to get creative during these times and part of that creativity includes these take home boxes. If you’re looking for a Mothers Day special look no further.  

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From time to time some of our stock makes it’s way to the sale section of our website. Check out some of our specials below.

If you’re a savvy shopper and like to scoop up a bargain you can find our reduced stock here first on our Nest Seven Marketplace on Instagram. Not only can you find some brand new bargains you can also shop sustainably buying pre loved items from our customers.

Elm Lifestyle
Tilda Twist Top

Elm Lifestyle
Bliss Top


Cartel + Willow
Zebra Taupe


Elm Lifestyle
Modernist Zip Thru

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